Grassroots® is made in Australia from heavily UV stabilised synthetic fibres which are needle-punched together into an open weave three-dimensional structure, designed to offer a permanent engineered solution that assists the establishment of vegetation even in extreme environmental conditions.

It is useful for erosion control in channels, swale drains, wetlands, floodways, spillways and embankments. Grassroots traps seed, soil and water, promoting the growth of vegetation and the restoration of natural ecological environments for both wildlife and the community.

Why choose Grassroots?

Grassroots is an erosion control mat that provides permanent protection to soil in steep slopes and channels from water flow, rain, wind, and other erosive conditions. It allows seeds to grow through it, providing vegetative reinforcement. It is commonly used in road construction, landscaping, mining, and civic sectors.

Grassroots provides:

  • A reduction in the loss of soil during moderate to heavy rainfall events
  • Strong erosion control in channel lining and road edge rehabilitation applications which requires increased resistance to soil loss, as a result of hydraulically induced shear stresses
  • Proven UV resistance due to stabilised fibres, ensuring that no degradation occurs from exposure to sunlight – shows no loss in tensile strength even after 1,000 hours of accelerated testing
  • Long-term reliability as it provides immediate protection against soil loss and can be exposed to weather conditions for extended periods before grass or other vegetation is established
  • Improved plant establishment by 555% increase in biomass after 21 days compared with control pots showed that it provides a stable environment for seeds to grow
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Grassroots call out - improve plant establishment by 555% in biomas
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